Roo on location.jpg

Roo is not cool.

Seriously, don't let the beard & glasses fool you. He's a dad-joke-loving, bad-80s-dancing, gear nerd. He does have a pretty cool job though. Roo is a location and studio photographer based out of Minneapolis, MN where he lives with his wife, daughter, & their two hound dogs. When he's not traveling for work, obsessing over good light, or arguing the merits of shooting film - Roo can be found working on his bike, climbing things he shouldn't be, or trying valiantly to pretend he still surfs the Great Lakes.

Based in the Midwest, but constantly on the move, Roo has a knack for finding himself in unexpected situations. As a result, he's working on a couple new side projects that he'll talk to you about for hours over beers. Or he might tell you stories about when he was an archaeologist... or his time as a Park Ranger... or his grandpa's favorite jokes. Actually please don't get him started... or take him to karaoke. Just because he is lucky enough to work with some really cool brands (and some really really cool people) doesn't make him cool. You've been warned.